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Default Help with part numbers

I have been busy for a bit but I'm back now doing some diagnostics and ripping things apart to find part numbers.
Most likely
Electrical system control module J519 Part number 4H0 907 063
Convenience control module J393 Part number 4H0907 064 L
I have managed to find a second hand one of these. It is easy to get at in the boot.

The problem I have is the J519 part number 4H0 907 063 isn't readily available second hand. There are many variants with different suffixes (A,AB,B,CD.CB,D,L,CF,BP etc etc) coming from different models including other VW's and other Audis as well a D4 A8 with the right engine and drive side (RHS) but different suffix's on the part number.
I know it is not unusual to change part numbers during a run and as a 2011 mine is a relatively early one.
Is there anywhere to find which would be a suitable replacement for the 4H0 907 063 (without a letter suffix) or find out which suffix would be a suitable replacement? According to a few sites in the states offering new OEM parts, most of the suffix's are compatible. I'm not sure I believe that.
It is also deeply hidden behind the dash above the pedals. I've managed to get clear photos of the parts labels but getting it out looks like a hand shredding experience.
Many thanks as always.
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