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It is indeed a 205 (1.9) lurking in the back. And it is the reason for the issue in the first place – I was trying to find a lift that would suit both sizes of cars!

That one is actually going to be the parts car (though I did drive it regularly a few years ago); I have another 205 that is actually being restored at my dad’s garage. The body is pretty much all done, and it just needs painting (which luckily my dad can do) before bringing it back to mine and starting the rebuild. I should note though, that like all good projects, it has been in its current state for a few years now…! I have had a few other old cars through the door in the meantime, but once the S8 is finished I will start work on it again.

With regard to the steel, there is nothing holding them down, but they are sitting on big rubber pads that come with the lift, and with the weight of the car on it they are not going anywhere – I have thoroughly tested this! However you could easily add a couple of rachet straps each side just to be on the safe side.
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