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Question A8 D3 2003 intermitent remote unlocking issue

Had an ongoing problem with my car for a while now. Most of the time my remote lock and unlock worked fine from the keyfob.

Every once in a while it wont unlock - even though the remote is working - and I have to open the car with the key. Once the door is unloacked by key and opened the remote will imediately work to lock and unlock the system.

I have noticed, eventually, on the times where I have had to unlock with the key, the battery monitor is always at 10%. This will then gradually charge back to 100% over the next 40 to 60 minutes drive.

I always starts just fine at 10%

On good days where the remote unlocks the car the battery monitor is always showing 100% - even after being parked for a few days.

Any ideas what could be draining the battery whilst parked and causing the remote unlock to fail?
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