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Default Low battery warning not fixed with new battery

Hi All

Grateful for some urgent thoughts on this one. Came to start my car (4.2 TDI) and got a “Low battery, battery will charge while driving” message (or something similar), completely out of the blue. This was accompanied by a slew of error messages about all sorts of systems, I guess due to the low power. Luckily my car was at my Audi indie for other stuff so they kept in and did some tests and could see that the battery wasn’t receiving much charge. They replaced the battery which appeared at first to have cured the problem but on testing today the problem is back. Although the alternator is one possibility it’s apparently not a foregone conclusion as it gets a signal from the CAN bus to activate and it could be something to do with that. Replacing the alternator is an 11 hour job so not something they want to do speculatively. The whole thing is proving a bit of a head scratcher, so if anyone has any thoughts I’d be very grateful.

Cheers - Graham
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