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Originally Posted by Davey Blueeyes View Post
I'm starting to seriously look now for my D3 and I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to but having never owned an 8 before I would appreciate some guidance about a few things

Firstly, how prone are the TDIs to DPF failure? How robust are the turbos and injectors? I'm feeling that a petrol would be best for me but the carbon build up worries me (I'm looking for a facelift with MMI G3 so 2009 on)

I haven't got a long spec list but I would like a reversing camera. Can these be retrofitted and how much should I look to pay?

I would also like to stream music from my mobile, what is the most robust way to achieve this? Reading threads it would seem I need something called AMI fitted? Is this correct? And expensive?!

Sorry for asking stuff that has probably been covered to death, I just want to be prepared and give myself the best chance of not buying a lemon!

I've pretty much decided on a 2009 onwards, in black with black interior. Given my circumstances engine choice is less of an issue in all honesty but I do not want a LWB
Hello Davey,
DPFs were mounted quite far from the engine compared to newer designed cars which is not ideal - Mine lasted ~150,000 miles before the buildup of unburnable mineral was too much and had it removed.

Turbos, injectors and timing chain issues were sorted by 2007 so 2009 should be fine. If you want a reversing camera, you really need a car with a TV tuner, or the difficulty and cost rises quite a bit. Retrofitting is quite difficlut and expensive. dognmonkey website has a good install guide. Try and get a factory fitted one.

If you have an AMI in the glovebox, you can install a third part bluetooth receiver - I don't and so use one plugged in the TV tuner in the boot. The TV tuner has 2 AUX in channels which require 15 cables adding to the loom.

LWB is only 5" longer and not noticeable to driver, only the rear passengers' legs!

Good luck and good idea to get a 2008- model.

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