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Default Newbie needing guidance!

I'm starting to seriously look now for my D3 and I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to but having never owned an 8 before I would appreciate some guidance about a few things

Firstly, how prone are the TDIs to DPF failure? How robust are the turbos and injectors? I'm feeling that a petrol would be best for me but the carbon build up worries me (I'm looking for a facelift with MMI G3 so 2009 on)

I haven't got a long spec list but I would like a reversing camera. Can these be retrofitted and how much should I look to pay?

I would also like to stream music from my mobile, what is the most robust way to achieve this? Reading threads it would seem I need something called AMI fitted? Is this correct? And expensive?!

Sorry for asking stuff that has probably been covered to death, I just want to be prepared and give myself the best chance of not buying a lemon!

I've pretty much decided on a 2009 onwards, in black with black interior. Given my circumstances engine choice is less of an issue in all honesty but I do not want a LWB
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