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Originally Posted by PsYcHe View Post
My PF D3 did the same in the cold, you need to make sure the wash concentrate is strong enough, otherwise it freezes in the pipe, and pops the connector off with the pressure.
Part of the reason I think there might be a split pipe or something else more broken-y. If the hose had popped off altogether I wouldn't have any headlamp washers at all. They work great though, just the fluid constantly leaks.

I have been too busy to get the thing apart to have a look at it so far. I've finally relented and decided to put heating in my house. Ive actually switched the fridge off because the kitchen is colder (average 3 degrees). I have most of the pipes in, the boiler is in place just have to connect up a few more radiators and do a bit more pipework under the floor.

After that I need to fix the Land Rover so I can tow a trailer without getting stopped (trailer light socket doesnt work), sort the radiator panel which has dropped making the fan hit off the cowling,then go and pick up an oil tank then get all that connected up and commission it. I have been told by the MIL that it needs to be up and running before christmas when she comes to stay for a couple of days. I'm not entirely sure Ive ever been forgiven for expecting her to sleep in a room that was below freezing!
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