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thanks guys. its definitely the headlamp washer end thats leaking, it runs out onto the bumper and drips out in front of both front wheel. occasionally it decides to drop all the fluid out of the reservoir but its only done that a few times. Mine is a prefacelft with the two seperate grilles, can I still access the t-piece without taking the bumper right off?

when i fill the reservoir i get about 8 hours before the light comes on on the dash. that then lasts a few days (in this weather, with all the salt on the roads, the windscreen needs cleaned constantly) The headlight washers work perfectly when the level is up which is why i thought maybe a split hose. Apart from the warning on the dash being really annoying (and the beep noise every time the ignition goes on being even worse), the headlights are terrible in the best conditions, so with them not getting washed they get filthy very quickly and the available light is diminished even more. 95% of my driving is on country roads tghat are covered in mud, with muddy verges so good light is a must (no white lines at the edges of the carriageway etc)
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