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I'm pretty sure there is only one joining piece and its behind the driver side fog light grill, T piece splitting main feed from the washer bottle to both headlight washers.
Other end goes directly to the top washer pump.
Windscreen jets are plugged in directly to the lower washer pump.

Washer bottle is fairly easy accessible by turning wheel right and undoing the back/left half of the wheel arch liner (carpet one) - 3x torx screws.
No need to remove the wheel, but you can if you want to make it super easy.

I doubt it's a split hose, 90% is the T piece behind the fog light grill which is easy to access by just removing the grill and hose with connection will be just at the bottom behind the bumper held by a metal clip, at least it should be, but I've seen them clips missing before.
On the pump sides you have the fuel line type connections and they are very good.....unless previous owner or garage messed around them.

Very unlikely split washer bottle.

If it's the connection behind the fog light then that would only leak out about 70-80% of the fluid because headlight's pump is located higher than the windscreen one.

Good luck

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