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Default washer fluid leak

Hi guys. Another one of my cars annoying niggles. Im going through a gallon of washer fluid every two days. It leaks from either side of the front bumper. As far as I'm aware, you need to remove the front bumper to access the headlamp scooshers.

How much can I access from the wheel arch with the liner removed? - my guess is very little.

What are the likely things I should be looking for? I'm hoping for something as simple as a split hose but are there other likely culprits? I dont want to go to all the hassle of removing the bumper only to find that there is a part that I need to buy and i have to put it all back together just to take it apart again.

I'm fairly sure that it is leaking on the drivers side and is running along the bottom of the bumper and dripping form both sides.

I did seem to lose quite a lot of washer fluid in the summer, but as the lights werent on very often, the headlamp scooshers never did anything, and that seems to be the catalyst for it dumping the entire contents of the tank onto the road.

As a quick fix Im tempted to disconnect the pump for the headlight scooshers and clamp the pipe. I'm almost paying out as much for screenwash as I am for diesel!

The healdight scooshers work fine by the way, plenty pressure etc.

thanks in advance as always, gill
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