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I checked the sensor itself, ie: the mechanical connections to the suspension arm and checked the connector for water ingress/corroded contacts at the time the light started coming on which was roughly the time I got VCDS and it all looked OK. With the hot start issues I was having I didnt have any appetite for trying to diagnose other problems at the same time.

I had planned on getting a new sensor next month anyway, but when I saw the replies on the other level system post I got a little panicky haha. Thats put my mind at rest though. I'm fairly sure it will be the sensor itself as none of the wiring should have been disturbed at any point. It used to only do it whenit was in dynamic, but if you lifted it into the comfort setting it stopped doing it. It looks like a crop sprayer on comfort though. Im looking at it out of the window just now and there is about 3 or 4 inches between the top of the back tyre and the wheel arch, the front is sitting a bit lower but my drive isnt level, it usually sits ridiculously high at the front as well.
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