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So after discovering the water damaged corroded J519 under the dash I fitted a new one and some stuff worked. I could code some of it but it had the factory lock on it. I took it to a new local garage who were very helpful, coded it all back to factory including the diagnostic gateway module that had been disconnected 2.5 years earlier. Took it for a long run over the hills and it was perfect. Next day got in and the battery was flat. ****. putting everything back, re-coding, re-instated the original fault from 2.5 years ago where the car won't go to sleep and just gets stuck in a shut down/reboot cycle. The only code showing anywhere is a Terminal 30 on the J519. As a far as I understand Terminal 30 is the main 12V supply direct from the battery and it is missing to one or more wires to J519. Now there are several direct live feeds (Terminal 30s) to J519 and taking it out again (yay!) and testing the wires to the live feed (conveniently in the drivers door sill under a cover is the main battery to engine compartment feed and there is a join there). For some of the block connectors the red or red/yellow wire connected to live but not all. SO here is the Question! Does anyone have any further information on the pin configuration or wires (particularly Terminal 30) to J519 ? The documents on here don't having a wiring diagram and nothing I can find online does. How can I tell which wires should be live and which ones not? Also does anyone have any information on the shutdown sequence so I can narrow down why it's not going to sleep. I changed the handbrake switch on the off chance but that was nothing short of a wild guess as that seems to be the point in the shutdown sequence. Made no difference.
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