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Default B&O door speaker blown :(

I know that Ian had led the charge with budget friendly superglue fixes on the front dash speakers in the past,

Thought id throw my repair out there. My passenger front bass speaker has never worked cleanly since I bought the car. Over time it deteriorated.

On taking the door card off and investigating, the paper cone was detaching from the speaker surround.

Phase 1 was trying to liberally use an automotive silicone sealant to firm things up. This lasted a few days and then she let go again (although I just couldn't see where on the repair. It all looked good!

Phase 2 has been buying some speaker repair rings from ebay

4.5" 4.5 inch Speaker Foam Edge Surround Rings for Speaker Repair or DIY 2 pcs

I have built up some Uhu type glue hoping that as this remains more flexible it will allow the cone to move and not rupture again. Day 1 so far so good.

What has staggered me is this - even removing that speaker cleaned up the sound quality throughout the car and other speakers. Truly! The slightly distorted and dirty sound that the passenger parcel shelf had creeping in vanished!! I had honestly decided I had nothing to lose in attempting a bodge / repair as failing all else it sounded better without the speaker at all.

Taking bets on how long the repair lasts. But - at last - it now sounds like a beautiful B&O system. It clearly hasn't ever in the 8 months I have owned the car!!
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