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Default Got me an A7

I was missing the S8, and my commute was becoming miserable in my diesel S-Max. I couldn't afford to put fuel in another S8, so I've ended up with a BiTDi A7.

It's a really, really nice car, I'm so pleased with it. It's missing a couple of niceties that really ought to be on a car this spec. I cannot believe that reversing camera and keyless entry are not standard on a car at this level. I've got so used to keyless over the last 2 years that it now feels like a chore to fish in my pocket when I want to unlock the car. The camera isn't an essential, but it would have been useful given the poor visibility out of the A7 rear window.

The noise and shove from the engine beggars belief. It actually feels stronger than the S8 did in the mid-range. I guess that's the 650Nm of torque.

This forum seems pretty empty. Any more owners around, or is there somewhere else worth checking out?
2013 Audi A7 BiTDi, with Tech Pack High.
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