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Default Audi S8 D2 20" Wheels on Avon Tyres

Afternoon all,

Many threads over the years on tyres for our cars so I thought I would add some experience of mine to the conversation.

I put a set of four Avon ZZ5s on the S8 a couple of years ago. After a little over 7000 miles the fronts were done.

This is not only the normal inside edge wear but down to the wear indicators across the tyre also. I have never had a tyre wear out so fast whilst providing such average performance. Nothing terrible but certainly nothing special and not as good as the Bridgestone's or Falkens I have also run on the car. Plus they strangely seemed to be prone to punctures and leaks also.

Car was driving well, tracking all good and I pay very specific attention to the pressures on the 20" wheels and go a little higher then the normal 36 psi to help the shoulders. All in all a little cheaper but a very false economy and the AVON ZZ5 is really not recommended by me.


Only one choice for me these days for quality and longer lasting performance and that's a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4.
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