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Originally Posted by Simon Wallwork View Post
We are in Bulgaria, and here they insist on Winter tyres- in Winter.
I have a FL D2 S8, on the six spoke 18" standard rims.

Yesterday I saw a set of 4 18" pukka Audi rims, I think eight or 10 spoke. I've seen them on D3 cars I think- and they look like the rims on the final edition, but they are not 20s. They ought to do me for Winters, if they fit. Came off an A6.

Guy wants 200 Euro.

Whaddya thunk?
I had 9 spoke 18" rims on my S8 as winters initially from about 2009 till 2012. They were replicas - though I think it was only Ian/IT who spotted they weren't kosher 20s - and I'm not sure they cost me much more than that. Those ones were fine, but maybe I was lucky...

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