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89forever 9th November 2020 06:12 PM

New car... old member
I knew one day i'd be back..... having got sold my old D2 S8 years ago i've been lurking ever since... still been in the Audi world but been slumming it with my very nice S5.....
Having had to use the S5 as an everyday car since the company car went back earlier this year as changed jobs and relocated to the other side of the country the fuel costs with the mileage i'm doing has been horrendous.... and i really don't want to be putting this daily mileage onto the poor thing.....
So the hunt was on for something a lot more economical.....

So what's a petrolhead to do who has an obsession with Audi V8's???


Well it is technically a lot more economical than the S5.....

It is a 2007 A8, decent condition, low miles... but needs some love


Not a huge fan of the wheels but they are in good condition, needs spacers and lowering (has the air suspension so can do that with VCDS)

Electric everything.... and even has a full Alpine system in the rear and screens in the headrests for the children in the back....


Plans? clean it and make the paintwork better....
and a remap just because....
then hunt for stuff to make it OEM+
rear lights on the drivers side need replacing
clean out the drain tubes and scuttle area as it's a rain forest of crud waiting to leak.

Huge amount of car for not a lot of money

H-M3 10th November 2020 12:26 AM

Nice car+++ miss my V8:( shop around for some facelift rear lights as it freshens the back up.

89forever 10th November 2020 04:38 AM


Originally Posted by H-M3 (Post 160849)
Nice car+++ miss my V8:( shop around for some facelift rear lights as it freshens the back up.

What’s the difference? The light on the drivers side needs replacing so if there’s something better but still OEM then it’s a given

ainarssems 10th November 2020 05:00 AM


Originally Posted by 89forever (Post 160850)
What’s the difference? The light on the drivers side needs replacing so if there’s something better but still OEM then it’s a given

Diffrent design. Will look odd just to change one and a complete set will be £600-1200 depending wether you go new or used. The old ones can be dried out and sealed. If the LED's fail they can be replaced as well, I am in process of a bit of trial and error replacing LEDs as replacements were running at a bit too much current and failing in 3-4 weeks. I have added a resistors now, will see if they last any longer

89forever 10th November 2020 09:43 AM

Problem is they’re not wet but the inner one on the reverse appears to have melted and fogged up, you can see it in the image above on the 4.2 image.
The outer one has faded which should actually buff up with plastic cutting compound.

ainarssems 10th November 2020 10:05 AM

Did not realise it's melted. They usually let the water in and mist up. I assumed curved line at the bottom of reverse light was water level and foging the water condensate.

89forever 15th November 2020 11:32 AM

Nothing more frustrating than buying a new car and wanting to get stuff done and the weather being dismal... wet.... and just bleaugh

The outside of the house whilst flat, it wasn't flat enough.... what's a man to do? go use the 100,000 sqft facility he works in.
The mission this morning was to get the suspension lowered via VCDS. There are many online "how to's". The one thing none of them mention is when you need to take your actual wheel centre to arch dimension.
Once you've gone into the actual Adaption phase and the car has raised and lowered and it is the actual point of changes the dimensions, that is the point to actually measure the gap, just before you change the measurements...
I went for a 20mm lower at the front and 15mm at the rear.


armed with the trusty laptop and VCDS all plugged in.....

before dropping it down



and after.... subtly different. I have a set of S5 wheels to go on, with spacers.... but the weather.... say no more


The A8 has the TV tuner installed, my first ever Audi that has ever had this feature.... so of course it needs the speed limiter removing for VIM.
I found a great tutorial on how to remove the VIM


Just follow it to the letter and it worked perfectly.

Then got home and the weather is still..... bleaugh


So, the list of things which need attention. In no particular order
drivers side rear lights need replacing
drivers side front fog lamp needs replacing
Brake hoses need changing out for a set of Hel Performance brake lines and the whole system purged and bled.
Wheel spacers and wheels swapping out, i will need to swap the tyres from these wheels to the new ones as they are 255/40-19 as fitted and the new wheels are 255/35-19
The interior needs a bloody good clean, the leather wants deep cleaning and the steering wheel is shinier than the bodywork and feels disgusting, same with the gearknob
Keys need new batteries, on my old S8 i had a new key made based on a Bentley keyfob, i'd like to look into doing that again as it was a lovely key.
Arch liners all need removing and deep cleaning behind, definitely not the weather at present.
Paintwork needs a thorough clay barring and polish.
Remap... because it has turbo's and is an easy upgrade.
Interior lights need all swapping out for LED.... will be going the tried and trusted route of using good old Trupp.
The interior window switches can be swapped out for the chrome tipped versions as fitted to the facelift A3 Sportback..... so that's on the list.

plus whatever other retrofits i can find

H-M3 15th November 2020 12:08 PM

Well done fella. Looking good so far plus your “to do” list seems just about right. Only thing you might also wan to to add is the triple fan spray upgrade for the windscreen washer. It’s detailed here on forum and it’s cheap n cheerful.
NB: I think the a6 fog lights are same so works out cheaper from ECP if our sponsors don’t have any?����

89forever 15th November 2020 12:15 PM

Ah yes the fan spray, I did that on my S5.... well remembered... added
Unless I had the wrong part number the genuine fogs didn’t look expensive from the dealers
On the standard headlights what is the normal upgrade? I’d quite like to take them to bits and add a xenon projector instead of the halogen.... who has done what?

H-M3 15th November 2020 12:24 PM

I think you can’t beat the FL headlights with cornering imho. They just look the “dogs dangles”:)

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