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GlynH 7th December 2021 10:25 AM

EE ending support for 3G services
I received the following text earlier;

Hi from EE. We're ending our support of 3G services to make way for even more reliable 4G and 5G. It means 3G devices won't work like they do today, so you'll need to consider upgrading to a 4G device to stay connected. This will impact the following telephone number: 07xxxxxxxxx. Switching is easy and our experts are here to help. Call us on 0800 079 0491. We're open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, but not public holidays.

It's not a surprise as I don't know about you guys but the service in my A8 has been getting worse for a long time now. Driving around the country even on those major routes which are first to receive coverage when service is rolled out causes my service to drop in & out and it is almost impossible to maintain a basic telephone call.

O2 isn't much better.

Contrast this with the situation when I drive across Europe where I can maintain a call for hours if I need to.

When I travel on the Eurostar I get pathetic coverage on my mobile between London and our side of the tunnel but when in France I get 4 bars of 4G in the middle of fields surrounded by cows!

I can even participate in an hours long teleconference from the back seat of a taxi in Moscow and yet I cant hold on to a 2 minute telephone call here in the UK.

We really are a 3rd World country when it comes to communications IMHO :mad:

And now this. If only Audi sold a 4G LTE module for the 5F I for one would buy it. I don't suppose any of those talented Eastern Europeans have ever retrofitted the LTE module from another model into the D4 5F unit have they?

I realise I could probably hack in a 4G/5G Mobile Hotspot but I ordered one of those from EE way back in August 2020 and it never arrived.

Is anyone here sporting a 4G LTE solution in their A8 I wonder?

Thanks & kind regards,

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