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Bushido 26th October 2019 01:55 AM

URGENT help required with missing wheel lock key
Long and short, found myself an 09 plate a8 lwb and collected it tonight. All was good TIL it blew out a front tyre on m1 on journey home. Locking key is not where I was advised and so had to be recovered home having owned it 1 hour and 6 mins .

How do I identify the lock key type? I know I have the sponsors 30 mins away but I donít believe they open on a Saturday - although I would pay for them to! Had hoped to be away in the car tho weekend . Seems I currently own a damned expensive ornament

Any thoughts greatly appreciated folks

Norretal 26th October 2019 03:50 AM

And the award for "Unluckiest Forum Member" goes to...

Are you EVER going to experience the joy of owning an 8 without it going drastically wrong at some point?!? :(

Hope it's a minor inconvenience and you're sorted and back on the road soon mate +++

Norretal 26th October 2019 03:53 AM

Look into North East Tyre Services based in Spennymoor, they cover a 30 mile radius and I suspect you're further north than Redcar these days?

Good luck +++

pete-p 26th October 2019 08:15 AM

How about one of these?


MikkiJayne 26th October 2019 08:26 AM

Dealerships keep master key sets so could identify the pattern and supply a replacement, assuming they're original locking bolts, although obviously you have the challenge of getting the car to them. I've borrowed keys from my local Audi dealership before, but I know them so ymmv.

If they're the star type then they are pretty easy to identify if you count the number of teeth. If they're the wiggly pattern type those are a lot harder to figure out. I don't think they can be identified by VIN.

I'm surprised the recovery service didn't have either a master set or specialist removal tool :Confused: Maybe a mobile mechanic or tyre fitter would though.

Can you post a pic of one of the bolts?

homer simpson 26th October 2019 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by MikkiJayne (Post 153276)
I don't think they can be identified by VIN.

Correct. Having had the need for a replacement recently, I got as far as getting the correct P/N and type BUT still needed the letter that was on the original key. The dealer did have keys to identify the correct one and if you can get that info, they can be obtained from ebay if you don't want to buy from the dealer. Stupidly, it was cheaper to order a new set rather than get the correct key!

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