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Regulus 5th August 2018 10:24 AM

Immobilizer and remote keys
I have been looking at my Immobilizer settings.
Adress 25: Immobilizer (4B0 953 234)
Group 022: system Status
1 Engine start permitted
1 Engine (ECU) responds
1 Key Status OK
3 Number of adapted keys

Group 023: Key && Adaption Status
1 Variable Code authorised
0 Key Status (Transponder Lock)
1 Fixed Code authorised
I have the Immobilizer code, as you can see perhaps.
Group 1 and so on throw an error. Group 22 and 23 are working.

The history of this is that I only had one key. I got two remote keys from the Audi Dealer. They couldn't code them at all. So I brought them to a specialist who coded my two new keys. But even he couldn't get the remote to work.
Same deal with the guy who coded the keys at the Annual Meet.

ainarssems tipped me that it should have a total (Code) 13130, which it has.

I tried to look at Remote Control Adaption in VCDS.
A manual scan on 46 - Cent. Conv. doesn't give anything.

The procedure with locking the door and pressing 'unlock' doesn't give any results. I have tried to hold one for 20 secs. I have tried pressing 5 times etc.
The car give no response.

To be fair. I can live without the remote function, but it is a nice touch. And I suppose it should be working, right?

So... any thoughts on how to solve this?

mannyo 6th August 2018 06:18 AM

Not sure on the D2, but some VAG cars have remotes that use different frequencies. its possible your keys are working but the car cannot hear them as they are on the wrong frequency.

Regulus 6th August 2018 05:33 PM

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Would that be possible? I mean, I bought the keys from Audi.

Today I remembered that the vacuum might be an issue. And I have one fault:

Adress 35: Centr. Locks Labels: 8D0-862-257.lbl
Part No: 8L0 862 257 N
Component: CV-Pump D06
Coding: 13130
Shop #: WSC 02324
VCID: 40CC92CF42236D4467-4EC8

1 Fault Found:
01367 - Central Locking Pump Run Time Exceeded (Likely Leak)
35-00 - -

I found a vacuum hose that isn't connected anywhere under the hood front left corner. At first I thought that had to be the problem. But I discovered it is for Cruise Control? It originates from the vacuum reservoir on the left side. And ends up near the Vacuum pump in the left front corner. But I can't figure out where it is supposed to be connected either. There is no T-connector as far as I can see. And it does not fit to the pump.

As for the central locking pump, I checked that a month ago and couldn't see any fault. I wish I could find the layout of the vacuum lines in my repair document. There seem to be no good schematics on the web either

HPsauce 6th August 2018 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by Regulus (Post 144174)
Would that be possible? I mean, I bought the keys from Audi.

I would say it could be possible, you car was originally built for use in the Middle East wasn't it? Maybe the wireless remote standards are different, your build sticker "should" have a relevant code if it is.

Regulus 6th August 2018 06:11 PM

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The build sticker, is this it?

HPsauce 6th August 2018 06:11 PM

Remote locking is controlled via the Central Locking module, 35, so check the coding on that first.

Here are the relevant codes, you need +8192 or nothing will work via the remote. What is your code?

For Central Locking (35):

+00001 - Rear Lid Opening via Rear Lid Lock
+00002 - Anti-Theft Confirmation via Blink
+00004 - Selective Locking
+00008 - Anti-Theft-System
+00016 - Reverse Lock And Unlock Functions On Remote
+00032 - Locking via Speed (15mph)
+00064 - Comfort Closing via Remote Control
+00128 - Turn Off Continuous Blinking Of Alarm LED When Anti-Theft Armed
+00256 - Rear Lid Logic
+00512 - Remote Control "Close" Confirmation (1x Blink)
+01024 - Confirmation Anti-Theft Warning System Horn Activation
+02048 - Door/Window Logic (USA)
+04096 - Remote Control "Open" Confirmation (2x Blink)
+08192 - Remote Control

PS Yes that's the build sticker, keep a record of it. Usually also in the service book.

HPsauce 6th August 2018 06:16 PM

Here's another version of the coding I found:
1 Rear boot unlock & opened (only some models e.g A4)
2 Flash indicators on activation of alarm 2
4 Security central opening (drivers door only opens not passenger) with key
8 Anti-theft alarm switched on
16 Cabriolet functionality on (reverse pump direction)
32 Auto lock doors when car goes above 15mph
64 Comfort opening/closing of windows
128 No ultrasonic installed (cabriolet has no ultrasonics)
256 Unknown (rear boot logic with remote A4 ?)
512 Radio control close confirmed with one flash
1024 Anti theft alarm set confirmed by horn beep
2048 US window logic (Power windows do not work once door opened)
4096 Radio control open confirmed with two flashes
8192 Radio remote contro opening/closing activated
16384 No Security central opening (drivers door opening only) with remote

Regulus 6th August 2018 06:29 PM

Thank you :)
I am running a scan on my iPad. If that doesn't work I'll try tomorrow with a PC with XP and see if I can find/see any codes

MikkiJayne 6th August 2018 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by HPsauce (Post 144176)
I would say it could be possible, you car was originally built for use in the Middle East wasn't it? Maybe the wireless remote standards are different, your build sticker "should" have a relevant code if it is.

That's a very good point actually. It might be worthwhile swapping in a European central locking module and seeing if the keys will code to that instead.

HPsauce 6th August 2018 09:01 PM

I've had a bit of a rummage online and it looks as if garage openers in the UAE can use 433Mhz, which is a common standard in Europe and Asia, so probably a red herring.

I think USA has a very different range for car/garage remotes, possibly 315MHz. No idea if 433MHz is allowed there as well.

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