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A8 Ian 3rd February 2017 06:06 AM

Audi lane assist to Active lane assist
Hi all,

My D4 has lane assist, acc stop and go, side assist, night vision ect...

Does anyone know what parts would be needed to convert this to active lane assist as per the 2015+ models ?

Many thanks

paulrstaylor 3rd February 2017 07:22 AM

I suspect you would be looking at a new power steering system as the later cars were significantly different in that area, a by-effect being active lane assist.

They no longer had a shaker in the steering wheel, instead using feedback through the column - meaning you didn't have to opt for the ugly 4 spoke to get lane assist.

To be honest - In my opinion any form of lane assist is something I'd switch off on a D4, just leaves you feeling detached (and sometimes confused, when you thought it was turned off but you caught the stalk) but isn't good enough to be really useful :ROFL:

A8 Ian 3rd February 2017 08:29 AM

So will the newer model have electric power steering and mine has hydraulic? ...not that I lift the bonnet much but I should know the answer to that.

Is it even remotely possible on a pre face-lift? (I'd really like to have it :(

paulrstaylor 3rd February 2017 08:46 AM

Exactly that I believe - so not much chance it will be viable I'm afraid

paulrstaylor 3rd February 2017 08:52 AM

Just opened up a VCDS scan from a face lift car - they have an additional module for the electronic power steering


Address 44: Steering Assist (J500)
Part No SW: 4G0 909 144 T
My pre-facelift doesn't have that module.

The other (slightly more useful, maybe) feature with the face lift is the "Parking Assist" which can park your car for you - all be it in a dim-witted way that will leave you embarrassed to get out afterwards (lot's more shunting backwards and forwards than it takes if you can just reverse yourself).

A8 Ian 3rd February 2017 09:01 AM

Thanks Paul for your help.

I can't find any evidence online to suggest that the power steering system is different. . Just browsing power steering pumps online for 2010+ A8s they all seem to look the same even up to 2015 units.. seems to be no pully on the unit rather a motor ...

I'm most certainly no expert mind so I could well be looking at the wrong thing!

If they all have electric hydraulic power steering is it possible the only difference is the address 44 unit? ... maybe some kind of motor that turns the wheel on the steering column?

M-A8 3rd February 2017 09:18 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Here are the PF and FL columns and ECUs.

PF - 2011 D4

Steering column




FL - 2016 D4




M-A8 3rd February 2017 09:20 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Address 44 part number and price


paulrstaylor 3rd February 2017 10:20 AM

I'm sure you have already seen this:



Only suitable for facelift cars (model year 2014)
I suspect that there is a difference in the column at least, not sure what the PR code is for Active Lane Assistance? 1N8 maybe?

IT 3rd February 2017 10:25 AM

Park assist was available shortly after the D4 release iirc, which rings true as my 2011 A7 had it. It actually worked surprisingly well, even though it doesn't really account for how far away the kerb is....

I was fairly confident if you had park assist, you had the steering gubbings to make active land assist work, it was really then about coding and calibration. I looked into retrofitting the active lane assist in my A7 for quite a while and concluded I was only really missing a stalk, some coding and that all important ingredient, time.

But, if you don't have park assist or active lane assist, then I would imagine its some replacement (and likely expensive) steering gear. Pump and column will be the same, its more likely the rack itself that changed I imagine.

Its a bit of a weird sensation having active lane assist on, as you feel a bit out of control at first, but then adaptive cruise control felt like that initially too, but they're both great features I'd definitely use.

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