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radyah 1st December 2021 09:05 AM

WANTED D2 - D3 Petrol preferably S8.. ULEZ Compliant
Hello everyone.

I am in the market for D2 or D3 has to be Ulez compliant as it will be my dailiy. Does any one have anything interesting for sale?

tintin 1st December 2021 09:53 AM

Welcome & I hope you find something that suits.

Would you be able to give some more guidance that might help those on here to help you with this - e.g. your guide price/budget would be the most obvious thing to add, but maybe location too?

Your ULEZ comment implies that you're somewhere near London, which many of us aren't, so it could also help if you could advise on whether you're up for travelling to see anything suitable too :)

radyah 1st December 2021 10:07 AM

Hi. Yes Sorry.
My budget is arround 6-7K for the right car. I Live in London Hence the Ulez compliant. I am willing to travel for the right car, so distance is not an issue

sarg 1st December 2021 10:37 AM

Are D2 and D3 S8s really ULEZ compliant?

Crazy :rolleyes:

radyah 1st December 2021 10:39 AM

Petrol D3s are and D2s over 51 plate are ulez compliant

tintin 1st December 2021 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by sarg (Post 167748)
Are D2 and D3 S8s really ULEZ compliant?

Crazy :rolleyes:

Yup, there's a recent thread on this...;)

sarg 1st December 2021 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by tintin (Post 167750)
Yup, there's a recent thread on this...;)

Yeah, I might have even commented on it, sorry :ROFL:

How my 19 year old S8 is compliant is beyond me, but hey ho, stupid stupid scheme

tc4332 1st December 2021 12:34 PM

Very bloodie stupid.
In my very compliant motor I had to pay 15 on Remembrance Sunday just to drive along Pall Mall.
But I believe that is a congestion charge but on a Sunday?

radyah 2nd December 2021 07:52 PM

Nothing interesting people!!!!!????

tintin 2nd December 2021 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by radyah (Post 167772)
Nothing interesting people!!!!!????

Patience...there are a (large!) number of people on here who don't come on here on a daily basis - those with busier lives than me :ROFL:.

I'd suggest giving it until at least the end of the upcoming weekend.

Alternatively, try ebay or Pistonheads, if you can't wait and haven't already tried there ;)

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