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Slabber 19th December 2019 04:47 PM

Rear door electric shades / blinds not retracting properly
Hi All

Just swapped my D3 for a D4 which has electric shades / blinds on the rear window and rear doors.

The shades on the rear doors don't retract properly. They get about half way and then start to crumple / fold above the top of the door. I haven't had chance to investigate properly yet but wondering if there is a technique for fixing them without having to take the door cards off. Thanks!

Cheers - Graham

manca 3rd February 2020 04:40 PM

I can't help but have a problem with one of mine so am interested if any details come to light. My passenger side blind retracts to within a couple of inches into the door. If I gently push the lid on the top of the door trim back it retracts almost fully but still the blind must sit 'proud' by a mm or two within the door as when the lid on the door trim closes it can't close to a flush and flat position in relation to the door trim. Going up is fine.
There is also an annoying 'rattle' from the door which I assume is related.

Slabber 17th February 2020 06:10 PM

Sorry, just catching up. I had mine retracted (door card off job) and then disabled. They are not high on my list and I may revisit in the future.

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