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nath 8th May 2016 06:45 PM

d4 wiring loom issues
just noticed there is nothing whatsoever in the d4 section
for common faults ...

having read a couple of other forums im concerned about the coolant pressurisation problem which now appears to be affecting d4 vehicles

has anyone experienced this as yet ?

limoncello 8th May 2016 07:15 PM

no tell more

Joe2.0E 8th May 2016 07:16 PM

Not sure if this is relevant but I had a coolant pump of some nature replaced under warranty last summer. My D4 is a 2011 3.0TDI with 60k miles. I wasnt aware of any issues but apparently a fault code flagged it when it was in my local Audi dealer for a software update. From memory it wasnt expensive but I'll have a look for any paperwork that might show a part number if that helps.

paulrstaylor 8th May 2016 07:50 PM

Interested in this also...... I have this logged, cleared and comes back


0378 - Coolant Circulation Pump

          B10D0 04 [009] - Internal System Fault

          Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

Led me to a few threads like this http://www.audiworld.com/forums/a8-s...rness-2862459/

Due to go in under warranty in a couple of weeks :Confused:

Delboy 8th May 2016 08:41 PM

Could have sworn this stuff was in the common faults section like the D2 and D3 sub sections.

Anyway here it is for your reading pleasure


Joe2.0E 8th May 2016 09:21 PM

1 Attachment(s)
V059121012A is the part no. for the coolant pump replaced on my D4.
Google indicates its a small cheap looking plastic pump, no surprise it didnt last long. Not sure it does much anyway as i hadnt noticed any issue prior to replacement or any difference afterwards.
Photo attached from Garage Paperwork. Prices are in € + vat.


paulrstaylor 8th May 2016 09:32 PM

At that price not the end of the world, so long as it isn't an engine out job to fit it time wise!?

Joe2.0E 8th May 2016 09:38 PM

As it was warranty work, I never got to see the Invoice but I would say it was less than 2 hours based on the length of time they had the car.

paulrstaylor 8th May 2016 09:47 PM

Would it be cynical to think that in warranty its a "swap the pump and it will be fine" and out of warranty is where the xxK bills come in!? :rolleyes:

limoncello 8th May 2016 10:11 PM

reading the other threads though this is the tip of the iceberg, the liquid is forced down the sleeving of the harness in to modules. then it will start to add up.

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