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GH77 3rd December 2020 07:06 PM

Festive Wine Boxes
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Evening all,

Hope you are all keeping well despite the various challenges thrown at us this year. Roll on 2021, please!

I currently work for Scotland's largest independent wine wholesaler, Inverarity Morton. Our core business is selling all things drink, not just wine, to the Licenced Trade. 95% of our customer base comprises restaurants, hotels and pubs and they're all closed, as you know. So, we've a warehouse full of fine wine and nowhere for it to go.

Me and another lad in the sales team have put together this fantastic Friends & Family Wine brochure which will make your Festive wine selection this year so much better than just grabbing a few overpriced bottles of plonk off the shelf at Tesco.

So my appeal to you, my friends on this forum, is to please consider buying from us, a 120 person business, instead of opting for the usual, big corporations such as Majestic, Laithwaites or the supermarkets. We deal directly (and fairly) with the producers and have the exclusive import rights on over 90% of these so it'll likely be a drop you've never had the opportunity to try before. Or a gift the recipient won't have ever clocked the price of.

There are carefully curated boxes to suit all budgets and tastes; ranging from £45, £50 and £60 for 6 bottles, an Italian pack of 12 for just £85 all the way up to The Complete Christmas Package with Prosecco, Wine, Champagne, Kopke Port, Gin Liqueurs and Glengoyne malts for £145. And bear in mind that you’d normally be paying anywhere from £20 to £40+ a bottle for these wines and fizz in a restaurant. These are extremely good wines at near enough trade prices. If you are buying wine at all over the coming weeks, your support will be gratefully received.

Ordering is simple. Drop me a PM with your order. I can either have telesales phone you for a card payment or you can transfer the money to me and I'll get the cash to the business. Delivery is just £5.99 to your home address.

Appreciate this isn't the normal type of 'For Sale' on our forum but as these are unprecedented times we're all looking to new means of keeping our livlihoods afloat. I've even taken to selling these door-to-door around my neighbours. Been a long time since I've done door-to-door cold calling. In fact, probably not since doing Bob-a-Job at the Scouts :ROFL:

Friends & Family Brochure - please click and feel free to share around your office, your colleagues and your own friends and family.

Thanks for reading and as I said before, any support will be gratefully received!




tintin 3rd December 2020 08:16 PM

Not for me thanks.
You'll excuse me if I pass on this offer. My father worked in a senior role for this company (when it was Forth Wines) and their treatment of him left a very sour taste, so I probably won't be taking you up on this - though I'm sure some of the leadership changed when Inverarity Morton bought them.... :rolleyes:

I'm also lucky enough to have a neighbour who works as logistics manager in a similar company, but based in England, so I'm pretty well covered already +++. Good luck on here though, I'm sure you'll find some interest.

ThisWayUp 3rd December 2020 09:23 PM

Great offer Gregor - I am certainly needing to stock up for Christmas. If you can deliver and do some bob a job stuff that would be great - D2 is needing hoovered :D We could have a deal +++

Good to see you exploring other avenues in these tough times while all your trade customers are suffering from the widespread tier 4 restrictions +++

We all have to put food on the table somehow!


GH77 3rd December 2020 10:13 PM

Cheers, Brian. Happy for you take some wine. But you can keep the hoovering all to yourself!

Sorry to hear about your dad, tintin. We've all had a bad experience at work at some point in our careers, I'm sure. Just an unfortunate part of being on the ladder I suppose. Forth Wines, that must have been about 10 years ago. Don't think there's anyone still around from them days.

All we're trying to do now is safeguard the jobs of everyone in the business - warehouse pickers, packers, fork lift truck drivers, office staff, marketing team and sales team to see us into a hopefully brighter 2021 for hospitality.

Meant to say that for the few Glasgow based members that I'll happily deliver the wine to you myself free of charge. What could be better than your Christmas booze being delivered from an '8? Might even let you choose if you want it to come in a D2 or a D3 ;)

The_Laird 4th December 2020 04:32 PM

Hi Gregor

I’ll be asking my chief wine buyer (SWMBO) to give this the once over as, although we’re normally ‘plonk’ drinkers, she does like to have something a bit better in for Christmas.

She’ll often buy a case or two (or perhaps a few more!) from the better known on-line retailers, so we’ll certainly be keen to check this offer out as we’d be pleased to support a smaller company - particularly in these difficult times.

Nice of you to let the forum have the chance of this offer and the be included as ‘friends and family’.

GH77 7th December 2020 09:33 PM

Thanks, Jim. Much appreciated. Just let me know what the good lady says. Have received a couple of other notes of interest from folks here already which is encouraging.

Delighted to say these are going down a storm with 'local' friends. Most are transferring the cash to me and I'm transferring to the business. I suspect my current account is starting to look at bit like a launderer's ledger :)



tonupkid 7th December 2020 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by GH77 (Post 161446)
Thanks, Jim. Much appreciated. Just let me know what the good lady says. Have received a couple of other notes of interest from folks here already which is encouraging.

Delighted to say these are going down a storm with 'local' friends. Most are transferring the cash to me and I'm transferring to the business. I suspect my current account is starting to look at bit like a launderer's ledger :)



I'm amazed that a business of this size has not instigated a payment processing solution.
It's a doddle to do and would give potential buyers confidence. And you never know, like so many others have at this time, your company might discover a potent new way to sell their products.

GH77 8th December 2020 01:11 PM

Yes, fair point. One of the projects we've been brought in to work on is our new consumer website. That will have all the card and Paypal processing you mention. It's unfortunately been one hurdle after another with it. The new warehousing system is great for wholesale orders to trade but is a bit tricky to bolt on a consumer website. We're getting there though, just not in time for the mid-November launch we'd hoped for. Now there's no point in rushing pre-Christmas.

Our old fashioned website does have the payment facilities but it's not linked to the new stock management system so it's effectively redundant.

Friends and Family Boxes is just a wee sideline we both came up with to generate some income. It's simply being done on good old trust; you know me, I know you and the wine will arrive.

Appreciate this notion of friendly trust is a lot more of a stretched assest when on the forum or anywhere else on the web. So, there is always the option of calling telesales on the good old land-line (0141 620 6100) to place your order with a human being, independent of me and my laundry. +++

IT 10th December 2020 04:39 PM

A quick note from me, as I believe there might have been a small concern raised over the validity of this commercial post.

Whilst we don't know or have any connection with the seller, the goods seem to be of sufficient interest to our masses, listed politely and in good taste, from an established forum user, who has not 1, but 2 A8's.

Ticks a lot of boxes for me. Happy to give a leg up to small businesses during these difficult times, however I would advise the usual due diligence be undertaken before handing over money to any third party etc etc.

That's my standard disclaimer done. Seasons greetings all. +++

GH77 12th December 2020 08:51 PM

Many thanks, Ian. Delighted you recognise the obvious appeal to our masses :)

Wouldn't be intending to make a habit of listing commercial offers but would certainly check-in first were I to be thinking of anything.

Seasons greetings in return to you all at A8 Parts.



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