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sutherland 4th March 2020 01:22 PM

A8 D4 Xenon Headlight Bulb Replacement
I'd been hunting without success for decent instructions on how to change the D3S headlamp bulb on a D4 before resorting to buying instructions on erWin.

There is a video on Youtube where someone claims a bulb can be changed without removing the headlight, but that appears to be wrong. Erwin says headlight needs to be removed, though it looks as if headlight can be removed without removing the bumper. Has anyone changed a bulb on one of these?

Can anyone confirm that bumper removal is not necessary?


paulrstaylor 4th March 2020 08:10 PM

I've had the headlight of a pre-facelift d4 without removing the bumper, not a huge job and would make changing the lamp easy +++

A few screws, all accessible from above, disconnect the cable and pull

sutherland 5th March 2020 06:45 PM

Thank you.

Yes, it wasn't too bad a job--managed to remove the headlights and replace both bulbs with Xenarc Night Breaker bulbs.

I'm please with the improved output, but haven't yet worked out what I've done to make the care give me adapative and main beam assist faults. The o/s light is too low, so I can't have replace it in an identical position, but I don't think that should cause the fault message.

paulrstaylor 5th March 2020 07:31 PM

It could be that the light is back in the same position, but you have disturbed something internally that means it's pointed too low. Best bet is to get the fault codes read and go from there...

sutherland 5th March 2020 10:09 PM


VCDS was giving me U1112 as a fault code. All output tests were fine.

I'll do more investigating tomorrow.

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