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madcjd 12th December 2019 08:36 AM

Has anybody had any joy with going through Audi to resolve corrosion issues (12 year anti perforation warranty)?
I have a 2011 model which has small areas of the stuff!

notorious 12th December 2019 10:33 AM

I've had no experience with corrosion and I'm very interested to know where the corrosion areas are on D4. The areas were not repaired, right?

Can you load some pictures for the benefit of this community so we know where corrosion was found?

It goes without saying that I'm very sorry to hear that D4 corrodes.

MikkiJayne 12th December 2019 10:59 AM

I had an issue with my first A6's roof corroding along the gutters - it was a known issue and there was an updated version of the gutter trim to deal with it. At 10 years old and 235K miles my local dealer repaired and repainted the roof under warranty +++

madcjd 12th December 2019 12:04 PM

Hi, I will get some pics sorted - it's currently wet, cold and grim here in the northwest, so will wait for a break in the weather (could be months :):):)).
I've seen some mention of corrosion on early D4s on this forum some time back.
I was aware of the corrosion when I bought the car a few weeks ago, but, wasn't put off by this as it can be dealt with.
It goes without saying you shouldn't expect to find ANY corrosion on these vehicles, but, I was won over by the other merits of the car.
I also still have my D3, which suffered corrosion on the lock trim above rear no plate and one of the roof runner strips. I dealt with these myself and now that D3 has no corrosion any where.
I'm enjoying D4 ownership but am in no rush to ged rid of the D3. Both cars benefit on the 4.2tdi engine - which is amazing!

notorious 12th December 2019 03:54 PM

Pictures will be great, thanks.

Just to confirm: Corrosion area wasn't repaired in a bodyshop before. Corrosion has developed on untouched area as it came from factory. Correct?

paulrstaylor 12th December 2019 04:12 PM

I bought a 2010 car at just under three years old, on collection I found corrosion on the tailgate lid. Was an approved used car so there was no question they would need to rectify, but it was done under the corrosion warranty as the paint was original.

In the end, I had a new boot lid, two new door skins, and corrosion on the other two doors, two front wings and also the A pillar/roof repaired. As it was done piecemeal it looked like a patchwork quilt in the end, but to be fair they fixed that by painting the full car :ROFL:

I know that a lot of the work was goodwill/dealer funded, but it was right when done :Confused:

I looked at a number of other D4's at the time, as I was under the impression I had bought a lemon - lots of a similar age showed signs of similar problems. I came to the conclusion I was better with the car I had as Audi seemed bought into putting it right, and may not have been on another car.

Suspicion in the body-shop was a bad batch of cars of a similar age, speculation of a assembly line shutdown (breakdown/shortage of parts) may have left a number of bodies without paint, possibly for weeks!?

Good luck in any case +++

tonupkid 12th December 2019 07:29 PM

I had corrosion on my D3. Yes they do corrode and have number of know issues in this area. Anyway, Audi refused my claim, using an creative list of excuses, despite it having a complete Audi service record

spannerrash 12th December 2019 08:58 PM

Well this has really peaked my attention as the main reason I bought my D2 S8 was because of the resistance to corrosion.

I understand galvanic corrosion but surely aluminium just left exposed doesn't corrode does it? I actually bought a spare A8 wing, rubbed, burnt and ground some paint off in three separate areas. I left it exposed in the garden for 2 years and could find no real corrosion issues. Does aluminium not self heal?

Are we talking real penatrive corrosion here or are we taking paint lift.

Am really interested in if someone could clue me up on how big a problem this is / can be.

paulrstaylor 13th December 2019 09:54 AM

Resistance to corrosion, yes. Corrosion proof - 100% no.

Iron oxide - rust, brown and flaky.

Aluminium oxide - hard and white bubbles.

Bear in mind, it isn't pure aluminium, it is an alloy, so may not actually be the aluminium that is reacting....

I've seen it start as a tiny spot but also grow across a panel to be a huge "bubble". Unlike steel, I have never seen a hole form!? Which kinda defeats the 12 year perforation warranty......

MikkiJayne 13th December 2019 10:00 AM

Look at fuel filler caps on D2s - the paint wears through on the lower left corner and then they just rot away. The cap may be a different alloy to the rest of the body since it corrodes uncharacteristically quickly.

The rest of the panels are not immune either though - again, where the paint wears through on corners, oxide creeps under the paint like plant roots. I have this on the sunroof and one door of my S8. Its quite common at the top leading corners of the rear doors too.

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