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ELP3 13th January 2022 03:02 PM

HELP! How to activate cornering lights on fog? Audi S8 D3
Hi everyone.

I am new and sorry for my English.

I have an Audi S8 V10 D3 from the year 2008.

I bought it from import in Germany, I reside in Spain. Since the car, it has always made me the cornering and parking light in the fog lights. I had a problem with the right adaptive light, and in the end I found a very good offer for an almost new right headlight, same model and reference and we changed it. The headlight works perfectly and the error disappeared, but I found another problem, and that is that the cornering light of the left headlight that had not been touched, began to make a yellowish halogen light that is included in the headlight itself. I took it to the workshop, and I programmed it so that both headlights did it with that horrible light, but now it is impossible for it to continue doing it as at the beginning, with the fog lights. I have tried everything with the Vag com, but it is impossible. I took it to an Audi dealer, and after charging me 120 they told me that it is impossible to do it and that the cornering lights have to be made by those horrible bulbs included in the headlights. But if it has always been done to me in the fog lamps without losing any option in them? they activated themselves in slow speed turns, in parking lots and also if I requested them only as a fog light ... I don't understand anything and I don't like how it is now. Can someone help me and tell me how to activate this function again?

Everything I have seen for the other Audis, is not valid for this S8 ..


tonupkid 13th January 2022 08:09 PM

Welcome, and your English is excellent:)
I have only seen the D3 S8 cornering lights work from the headlamp units. For me they were always excellent, brightly illuminating everything on the side I was turning into.
My experience with cornering fag lights, fitted on other cars, is that they are a cheap solution that does not work as well as the 'in headlight' system on the D3's.

steamship 14th January 2022 10:48 AM

With the AFS II lights fitted to that model, a combination of the headlight swivelling and the extra cornering light negates the need to use the fog light as a cornering light. Page 68 of the following PDF seems to confirm that:

48-SSP 282 Audi A8 03 - Technical Features.pdf

What you could do is replace the halogen cornering light bulb with an equivalent LED bulb, as mentioned in the following thread:


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