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B@fink 2nd July 2021 06:12 PM

Itíll workÖ.right?
Since regular motion lotion is going to E10 and based on the fact that the government car checker stops giving a monkeys pre 2011 (because no one drives a car older than that :rolleyes: ) what are the expectations for all that lovely ethanol possibly ruining the fuel system? Baring in mind the fuel line crimp fittings have been known to spring a leak using real life none ethanol fuel are we heading for a shredding? :Confused: Iím already looking forward to convincing the Capri that itíll be fine. Iíve swapped its rubber hoses for ďsafeĒ alternatives but the main plastic line on that is anyoneís guess. It already doesnít like itís timing retarding and no lead in its fuel so 10% vegetable water should push it right over the edge. I really donít want to have to start faffing about with Audi pipe work as well :( anyone know if the injectors/rubber/seals will take it?

HPsauce 2nd July 2021 06:41 PM

Just put 99RON in it, like most of us do anyway.... ;)

Adrian E 2nd July 2021 07:02 PM

I agree - 99 gets around the issues on older cars but at a fair cost if you do a fair few miles. Always ran my s8 on shell v-power as the power delivery was noticeable compared to shell 95

My BX16V also runs on 99 as it pre-dates cats never mind e10! Itís probably closer to 88 now given itís not been fuelled for over a yearÖ..

B@fink 2nd July 2021 07:08 PM

That is an expensive option. And for the 2.8, wildly pointless for extra oooomph. But if it’s that or it plays sprinkler system that might be the only choice. Unless anyone knows that the fuel system will sneer at the vegetable water they insist on adding to the go juice and all will be fine? Anyone would think they don’t want old cars around anymore….

HPsauce 2nd July 2021 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by B@fink (Post 165667)
That is an expensive option.

Not if you can get to Tesco, their Momentum is sold at a relatively small (To Shell) premium and works fine. I find fuel consumption is lower with 99 anyway (and E10 will be much worse in that respect) so the cost is minimal. :cool:
There's a lot more 99RON around these days and with E10 arriving expect availability to improve further. +++

ainarssems 2nd July 2021 09:31 PM

VPower FTW, increased economy almost pays for the extra cost. Plus you get a little bit more power, cleaner fuel system, cleaner combustion chamber, cleaner O2 sensors and cats and longer life for them, cleaner emmissions. Even in the old days of Optimax instead of VPower when I had 1990 1.8 Passat I was using premium Shell juice.

That being said I don't see much difference with premium fuels on diesels.

Adrian E 2nd July 2021 10:20 PM

The Audi guidance contributed to the list suggests itís fine to use e10 for all petrol engined Audis apart from those listed. Itís been in use on the continent in various countries for quite a few years - so although moving to the Ďprotected gradeí is the safest option, itís highly unlikely youíll suffer any issues aside from worse fuel consumption as a result of e10 not burning as efficiently as e5

ainarssems 3rd July 2021 07:55 AM

I don't see why e10 would burn less efficiently than e5 or pure petrol. If it was not burning efficiently it would somewhat defeat the purpose of reducing emissions although main purpose is to go in the direction of more carbon neutral and renewable.

The main reason for increased consumption is that ethanol has lower energy density than petrol so you need to burn more of it to get the same amount of energy. Petrol is about 34MJ/l and ethanol is 24MJ/l so e10 blend will have about 33 or about 3% lower energy density and consumption will be about 3% higher than pure petrol or 1.5% compared to e5.

HPsauce 3rd July 2021 08:47 AM


Originally Posted by ainarssems (Post 165672)
Petrol is about 34MJ/l and ethanol is 24MJ/l so e10 blend will have about 33 or about 3% lower energy density and consumption will be about 3% higher than pure petrol or 1.5% compared to e5.

And with petrol at around £1.33 per litre and Tesco Momentum at a 5p (might be more now) premium and giving better economy it's looking pretty marginal thinking E10 will be cheaper.

But as we all know, the best way to save fuel costs with an A8 is to have a gentler right foot, so this is all pretty academic……. :rolleyes:

Edit: SWMBO was the last one to buy petrol and the guy on the till told her that Momentum had gone up in price twice in the last week.

Adrian E 3rd July 2021 11:19 AM

The efficiency/climate change argument in this sense is about the source of the fuel - e10 is pretty pointless and thereís lots of arguments that growing crops to create ethanol has a negative impact on food crop growing. Iím not a fan of the justification the EU used for this bit of legislation

The cost difference for v-power to regular 95 is nuts. We donít have a Tesco near us so never tried their option.

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