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The_Laird 7th March 2021 11:24 AM

Scan interpretation
I scanned a friends A4 diesel today as sheís got problems with the central locking. The key fob only opens the driverís door.

Apart from some obvious faults that she didnít know about (glow plugs and filler cap lock), 2 doors (passenger and rear right) show Ď02115 locking unit for central locking 008 implausible signalí. The fuel tank cap lock is Ďopen or short to groundí.

Any ideas folks?

steamship 7th March 2021 11:54 AM

Jim, the following video might be worth watching. There's no commentary but it seems the error code can be resolved by stripping down the door latch mechanism and giving it a good dose of contact cleaner:


EDIT: For the fuel cap error, is it a case that the fuel cap isn't locking? If so, then it might be another case of some lubrication being needed to resolve the situation. The following video shows how to remove it from a B8 A4, but the principle should be the same. Rather than remove it completely from the car in the video, on the back of the actuator is a small hole. Spray a liberal dose of contact cleaner in that and try locking/unlocking the car several times.


Adrian E 7th March 2021 02:34 PM

Worth checking module locations and making sure itís not soggy - might not be the mechanisms themselves at fault

The fuel flap solenoids fail for a passtime - did the S5 last year and itís a real pain in the behind (you have to replace the plastic insert under the flap as getting it out breaks it! Luckily itís cheap.....

The_Laird 7th March 2021 04:10 PM

Thanks guys. BTW, Sean, there is a commentary on the video link, but the repair looks daunting! New actuator mechanisms are under £20 on ebay, so I think I’ll check the part number, get a new one and then try the repair for the other doors.

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