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manca 26th August 2017 12:43 PM

Recommend a main dealer for service?
Hi all
2010 D4 4.2tdi needing a major service. Car history is all Audi so figure I'll make use of the fixed price service plan at 399.
I live in North Surrey, local dealer is Driftbridge Audi at Epsom. No idea about their service dept but have always found the parts guys helpful. Anyway I have contacted them twice to book the car in but two weeks later no call back and no booking..... time to look elsewhere methinks.
Anyone recommend somewhere localish to me?

briang9 26th August 2017 05:59 PM

I think I speak for most on here...forget main dealers and find a good local Indie, they will do a much better job for a much lower price. Unless of course the Audi dealership stamp is important to you, personally it would put me off buying if I saw that..but I am strange old Hector:ROFL:

Norretal 26th August 2017 07:04 PM

My first call would be to Audi UK to alert them of Driftbridge Audi's incompetence, the second call would be to a local, highly recommended, independent garage.

David's8 26th August 2017 07:20 PM

^^^ Wot BrianG says. +++ We both have (separate) trusted local Indy garages who know how much we care for our cars and provide a service which we both trust. My guy says (and I have no reason to disbelieve him) that dealers do not allow sufficient time for a thorough check - they cant as it isnt "allowed" by the service schedule. eg.they do not remove the wheels to check the inboard (or even outboard) side of the discs or inboard pads adequately. They just peer through the spokes. Or that they overstate the problem through inadequate inspections e.g. He frequently gets people turn up to him saying that "the dealer says i need to replace discs/pads or whatever" (i.e based on a quick look through the spokes) when in fact that isnt really necessary. i.e. he turns aways unnecessary (easy money) work. I recently had him service a 2009 Land ROver freelander which had been "serviced" as part of the pre-delivery inspection 15months ago. The outboard side looked good but the inboard side had huge ridges and corrosion such that the inboard pads had less than 50% contact! (the large splash guard made it impossible to see the inboard side unless you removed the wheels on a 2 poster lift. There was no way that this deterioration had occurred over 15 months).

Unfortunately, dealerships prove that the old adage of "pay peanuts, get monkeys" is wrong as you pay them a fortune and you still get monkeys whilst independents can provide a premium service for peanuts.
I would recommend that:
1. You get some recommends for an independent.
2. Compare the hourly rates with those of a dealer.
3. Tell them you whether you want OEM quality replacement parts where possible and that you want to see any parts which they replace.

Joe2.0E 26th August 2017 08:20 PM

I'm going to defend main dealer servicing if you find a good one. I'm based in Ireland and my local dealer is excellent. Always a fixed price agreed in advance.
A decent courtesy car, top class service and very knowledgeable senior mechanics that work on any complex issues.
Having a FASH has also been beneficial as I have had several goodwill arrangements from Audi Ireland in terms of expensive work that were outside warranty. Just my 2p worth but each to their own. Be mindful that A8/S8's are complex beasts packed with ecu's and sensors for pretty much everything.

paulrstaylor 26th August 2017 08:35 PM

I'll throw my 2p in too, fixed price servicing is quite a good deal for the A8, I serviced my D3 myself, D4 has been done by the dealer. Once was FOC, 2nd time was 199 and they did the pollen filter FOC. They also did a couple of other minor repairs FOC, gave me a A7 as a loaner, delivered the car back to me!

Not sure if I will keep it up next time, but not bad value for money this time round +++

manca 27th August 2017 10:06 AM

Food for thought indeed thanks for the replies.
I guess I am looking at Audi hoping for the experience Joe and Paul highlight.
I used the Harrow boys for my D3 before the gearbox went pop so maybe a call to them instead.

manca 15th September 2017 03:51 PM

Well both the Indies I have used were on this occasion as useless as Epsom Audi. In desperation I contacted the Main Dealer at Wimbledon. Car was collected yesterday and delivered back washed and vacuumed as agreed. Happy enough, although they told me the soft close motor on the front passenger door was throwing an error....I don't have soft close doors.

tintin 15th September 2017 04:01 PM

I think the basic principle is find someone you trust, who is open and transparent, and doesn't try to rip you off: I've had good and bad with both Main Dealers and Indies, but my local Audi dealer (after some "training"..) are now pretty good.

manca 16th September 2017 02:17 PM

Well they seemed transparent at least. They talked me through the four logged faults and suggested there was mileage in me doing some research, although they were happy to deal with them if I wanted. Told me which door handles I need to replace sensors in because my advanced key isn't working. I bought one sensor but need to another, then it's a recode I think via VCDS. Want to do this because it winds me up having to dig the remote out.
They raved about how the car drove as well which was nice, although maybe they say that to everyone.
Based on this experience I will use again.

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