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scottmgibb 17th January 2022 05:21 PM

Lifting an S8

I have been looking at getting a scissor lift set-up for working on my cars, such as the Quick Jack or Kwik Lift. The problem I have is that the two cars I mainly want to work on are rather different in size - the D2 S8 and a 205 GTI.

It looks like the only way that a single setup would work with both cars is if I lifted the S8 by spreading the load along the sills, as a scissor lift that is wide enough to catch the S8 lift points is typically too long to fit between the 205 wheels. I am assuming this is an absolute no (and to date I have always just used the rubber lift points with jacks/stands) but I though I would ask the experts out there before completely writing off the idea…

The only set-up I have found that actually fits the S8 is the BL-6000XLT Quick Jack, which is their biggest model and will be getting on for around £2000 including delivery, which is a bit much for something that only works on one car...

Annoyingly the Kwik Lift unit (which would fit under the 205) has extenders for larger cars, but they only reach to 1678mm, and the S8 is about 1880mm from outside edge-outside edge on the lift points. This setup would have been about £1400 including delivery, which would have been quite reasonable if it had done both cars!

Any thoughts would be welcome!


MikkiJayne 17th January 2022 06:52 PM

I have the same problem as a friend has a TT. I bought a big 4-ton lift for picking up S8s and it will only just go small enough to pick up the TT! There's literally one spot the TT can go to be picked up - if its off to the side or not straight, not happening.

You definitely can't lift a D2 on the sills - they are a fairly simple box section, rather than the multiple-layers you'd find on steel cars with pinch-weld seams. The lifting points are complex castings welded in to the rest of the frame, rather than just a designated spot on the pinch weld.

Are you measuring from the rubber lifting pads on the S8 or the scissor-jack points? The lifting pads are further inboard so may be less of a struggle to reach. I can measure the width tomorrow if that would help?

Do you have the height for a lift? Cheap 2 posters come up on Facebook marketplace surprisingly often although you'll pay a premium for a single-phase version as all the DIYers are after those. 3 phase versions can often be had for peanuts.

scottmgibb 17th January 2022 09:02 PM

Thanks for the quick reply. Sadly that is what I thought – I had a good look at the sills and didn’t think they looked particularly suitable as lifting areas! It was a small hope… ��

I was measuring the rubber lifting pads – the inside edges are about 1700mm apart, and they are about 90mm long each. This seems to be unusually wide spacing though, as the Kwik Lift was apparently designed to fit a F150 truck and the chap I spoke to thought the S8 would be no problem – unfortunately not!

Funnily enough I did not even realize there were also separate scissor-jack lifting points until I started looking into all this. Fortunately I have never had the need to use the S8’s jack yet…

A small lift is a possibility, but I was hoping for something fairly portable. My garage is an old steading which is long and narrow-ish (about 12x4m) so cars go in one at a time. It would be useful to lift whatever the current project is (usually sitting at the back) or the one in use (hopefully sitting at the front). I am also not sure how thick the concrete floor is (for the post bolts), but do plan to re-lay this at some point in the future. It might just have to be something that waits for a while!

I will keep looking though. My looming rear end re-fresh and brake overhaul might just have to be done on my trusty axel stands…

scottmgibb 28th February 2022 07:48 PM

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Just in case anybody has a similar scenario to this, I though I would add an update, as I came up with a solution that allowed me to use the Kwik-Lift with the S8.

The official extenders that you can buy with the lift are made of not particularly thick steel tubing, so it occurred to me that – given the S8 is only slightly longer than what the extenders allow – you could possibly make your own version from some thicker steel elements. So I sent a structural engineer (who I use for my work) some drawings and established that a simple 50x100x5 RHS would comfortably support the car, given the position of the lifting points on the lift.

And it does 😊

The car has been up on the lift for a couple of weeks now with no issue (I have been making regular checks on the steel sections), and the use of the 100mm wide steel makes it is very stable.

As I mentioned above, the supplier did confirm that the lift had been tested with an F150, which is longer (and heavier) than the S8 (but presumably with lifting points that are closer together!), so the balance should also be fine.

I did need to get some low-entry ramps too though, as the height of the lift plus the extra steel was higher than the lifting points of the car (as would have been the same for ‘official’ extenders). The low-entry ramps lift the car an extra 60mm which gives plenty of room.

All-in-all I am very happy and, having made a start on the rear suspension strip down on Saturday, it now makes the car a treat to work on.

MikkiJayne 28th February 2022 07:52 PM

Good solution. Well done +++

Adrian E 1st March 2022 10:04 AM

Is that a 205 lurking behind?!

sarg 1st March 2022 10:28 AM

How have you attached the steel box section to the lift?

scottmgibb 1st March 2022 08:36 PM

It is indeed a 205 (1.9) lurking in the back. And it is the reason for the issue in the first place – I was trying to find a lift that would suit both sizes of cars!

That one is actually going to be the parts car (though I did drive it regularly a few years ago); I have another 205 that is actually being restored at my dad’s garage. The body is pretty much all done, and it just needs painting (which luckily my dad can do) before bringing it back to mine and starting the rebuild. I should note though, that like all good projects, it has been in its current state for a few years now…! I have had a few other old cars through the door in the meantime, but once the S8 is finished I will start work on it again.

With regard to the steel, there is nothing holding them down, but they are sitting on big rubber pads that come with the lift, and with the weight of the car on it they are not going anywhere – I have thoroughly tested this! However you could easily add a couple of rachet straps each side just to be on the safe side.

sarg 2nd March 2022 08:35 AM


Originally Posted by scottmgibb (Post 168944)
With regard to the steel, there is nothing holding them down, but they are sitting on big rubber pads that come with the lift, and with the weight of the car on it they are not going anywhere – I have thoroughly tested this! However you could easily add a couple of rachet straps each side just to be on the safe side.

OK cool, so just steel box 'off the shelf', sat on top, no welding involved.

Have you got a link to the lift you bought.

And what would you have gone for if only buying for the S8, not needing the smaller size for the Pug?

steamship 2nd March 2022 09:31 AM


Originally Posted by sarg (Post 168946)
Have you got a link to the lift you bought.

It appears to be from the following site (several options available):


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