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milliss2 15th January 2022 04:19 PM

Audi S8 2001 FL For Sale
Hi All.

I have listed my D2 on ebay as I am thinking I will go for D3 S8 or 6.0 W12 instead.

Is it worth me listing here too?

homer simpson 15th January 2022 04:56 PM

Yes. It's free and you won't get timewasters or 'last price bro' on here

tintin 15th January 2022 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by homer simpson (Post 168334)
Yes. It's free and you won't get timewasters or 'last price bro' on here

Very true +++. Plus we'd like to see it anyway :D

milliss2 15th January 2022 05:59 PM

Good Pictures
10 Attachment(s)
Good Bit

milliss2 15th January 2022 06:05 PM

Not so Good
10 Attachment(s)
Bad Parts

Thinking I will keep reg and put 51 reg back on and the wheels fpr my S2 unless I get enough to leave on the car as the colours match well

milliss2 15th January 2022 06:10 PM

Honestly not long rebuilt my Cabriolet 1.8T engine on the side of the road lol and not really feeling doing the same with this due to space where I live now. Already have 1996 S2 lefthand drive last one they made which I have owned for 17 years only done 76k miles in storage which I want to get sorted and also a 3.0 quattro cabriolet that needs to get gone too.

milliss2 15th January 2022 06:24 PM

Oh and engine still runs fine with that hole in the side lol

milliss2 15th January 2022 07:35 PM

Hi not sure what sort of money I should expect for this car with the work needed in mind. Have a guy wanting to buy straight away even though only bid up to 2k. Any suggestions on what I should look at given its needs

ulfilias 18th January 2022 02:51 PM

I can see you having a fair bit of trouble with the ebay advert.


You do mention the damage grill, but often people don't really read things or even look properly at the photos. I can see you listing it quite a few times as people bid on the nice looking photo, then see the car with the damaged grill, the hole in the engine, see big bills in their future and walk away!

As for price......It's a bit of a hard one. There is a fair bit of work to do on it to bring it up to serviceable and whilst D2 S8's are getting rare and moving up in price....but to get top dollar they need to be in very good condition and original.

Having a quick look on the MOT check, the service history hasn't been the best, with lots of fails, so that may put the classic buyers off a bit too.

Here the specs tend to increase the price. Final Editions are often liked, though most dealers don't know what one is and say any Facelift car is a FE :ROFL:

Looks like there's an LPG tank in the boot, though no mention. This attracts some and puts some off.

Oh and for the most part private reg's aren't really worth much - I've still got my old S8 TNK one on retention from when i got rid of the car (4yrs), but have yet to find it worth anything in resale and New an S8 plate is like 250

Personally i'm a driver rather than a pride and joy type. I do miss my old S8 as it was a fun beast, which is why i occasionally skim ebay and ponder, though I can probably see myself going Tesla next when i have a decent budget and the second hand car market has gotten more sensible!

MikkiJayne 18th January 2022 03:54 PM

Given the bumper and the hole in the engine I'd normally say 1K max, but the market is pretty weird at the moment. If someone is offering 2K for it without the Avus wheels then a, thats a pretty good offer, and b, its probably going to end up as parts in Poland.

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