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H-M3 17th June 2020 12:11 AM

Coolant leak
Hi peeps hope everyone is keeping safe.
Recently my D4 has started to lose coolant, as I am driving very little I didnít realise until 2 weeks or so when the coolant light came up. I topped up few weeks back and this time it has dropped to min at the reservoir. Also you an smell slight coolant burning smell. Under bonnet you can see water near the pulleys on the right side standing from the front. I spoke to a indi Audi specialist who is confident that itís likely to be the Water pump as they are common failure on the 3.0tdi? Now the other issue I have is, yesterday I turned the AC on and it worked fine no issues. Today however I checked under the bonnet and I can see the serpentine belt was shredding on the edge nearest to the engine! There were bits on the engine guard. Now this has got me worried. Do you think it could be the AC pulley? Mileage is 89k so is this stuff wear n tear? I had to drop off to garage today so letís see what they pick up.:Confused:

Joe2.0E 17th June 2020 07:18 PM

I have a 2011 3.0TDI with way more miles and none of the items you mentioned have worn out.
I did have a coolant leak on the pipework in the vee of the engine close to the injector pump. It turned out to be a very big job and i hope you arenít as unfortunate.
Injector pump was leaking diesel causing seals/pipework on the coolant lines to leak coolant in the vee of the engine. No signs of any leaks on the driveway as both fluids evaporated with the heat from the engine.
Several weeks later, engine out job, new injector pump and all coolant pipework fittings replaced in the vicinity etc.
Work carried out by a main dealer, audi covered all the parts and car hire but I had to pay half the labour which was still a hefty bill.
Service manager advised that they had done a few similar warranty jobs on newer A7ís and an Allroad with the same 3.0TDI engine.
Hope you have better luck with yours.

H-M3 17th June 2020 08:35 PM

Thanks Joe. I have been hit with a fair size bill unfortunately. My waterpump seems fine but coolant is leaking from thermostat housing. This fooker is one unit that houses the oil filter. This alone just under £250, then my crank pulley has play and thatís another £250! Plus adding all the other little ancillary items itís around £760 for parts only. I am looking at around £300 for labour!😞

Joe2.0E 18th June 2020 09:02 PM

At least youíll have your car back in a few days by the sound of it.
Theyíre great cars but you get hit every now and again with a hefty bill.
If itís any conciliation, I really appreciate my 8 when I get back into it after a few days in a loaner A6 or A4.

H-M3 19th June 2020 01:59 AM

Yeah Joe thanks I agree.
I think we need to start a thread with most common parts failure and who makes the original part. Like the thermostat housing is made by mahle. This can save few pennies for others. I am not sure who makes the crank pulleys. Also we need how to guides to save people garage costs. I think most of these stuff can be completed by home diyer.+++

Joe2.0E 20th June 2020 03:10 PM

Good to know. Thanks for posting.
Decent Brake Part brands for a D4 such as discs & pads would also be great to have. Main dealer pads/discs are crazy money.
Itís a great forum but the D4 section is eerily quiet at times.
At the time I owned a D3 about 5+ years ago, the D3 section was equally quiet at the time.
D3 section is much busier now so I hope the D4 one will get a little busier while I still own one.

H-M3 20th June 2020 08:46 PM

Went to check up on the car, unfortunately they have found another leak on top part of the engine. Most likely be a seal or pipe. They wonít know until they strip the top part off with all the ancillaries :-(
More costs!
Also I could not work out any brand on the old crank pulley, but it is a heavy fooker.

Joe2.0E 21st June 2020 06:51 PM

Annoying to be sure but doesnít sound too bad, might just be some additional labour and a few quid for a small pipe or gasket.

H-M3 28th June 2020 11:53 PM

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Update. Got car back Saturday. Total inc labour shy of £1600😡. Glad to have her back tbh. He charged me £550 in labour which was bit high imho. But didnít have much choice. It needed these two parts as well. Also changed oil and oil cooler seals whilst at it. TPS where ****e as they charged him standard price.

Joe2.0E 1st July 2020 09:16 PM

Itíís a hefty lump of money to solve a relatively small problem.
I can understand the labour cost as it would have been a slow awkward job.
Parts are the usual crappy plastic stuff found in modern Audi engine bays.

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