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rory_pamphilon 12th May 2022 06:43 PM

Odd pump/grumbling noise from engine bay when coming to a stop

Have had this symptom for a while, no real issues with the car other than this but im curious what may be causing it.

When coming to a stop, can be a gentle or harsh stop, doesnt really matter, i can hear something that sounds a bit like a pump, splutter and then stop. A bit like an engine stalling if it were manual and you stamped on the brakes, except its not the engine obviously. Quite difficult to describe, its not particuarlly loud, coming from front/possibly left hand side of the engine bay. It definately sounds like something that is struggling to keep running as car slows to a stop and the minute the wheels stop this thing chugs and dies.

Things I have checked/changed...

Air con, had this regassed the other day, no issues reported. Old gas was still fine and pump seems fine.
Car serviced recently, oil/filters changed etc, didnt fix the problem.
Tryed running aircon in econ mode for a while, this possibly reduced it a little but i might just have been imagining it.
Very slight leak on radiator, top it up every month or so.

Could it be the secondary air injection pump?


steamship 13th May 2022 10:43 AM

Not sure if this applies to your car, but some D3s had an electric vacuum pump in the braking system. If yours has it, it might be a vacuum leak from that causing the issue, especially if you notice it when braking to a standstill.

Might be worthwhile updating your signature line to include the specifics of the car, for future reference.

rory_pamphilon 19th May 2022 05:34 PM


Sorry not sure whats up with my signature, i thought i had one. will update asap.

My A8 is a 3.0Tdi QS 2007.

How can i tell if it has the extra vacum pump that you mention? Is it something you can see if you lift the bonnet?


steamship 20th May 2022 08:51 AM

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Originally Posted by rory_pamphilon (Post 169722)
My A8 is a 3.0Tdi QS 2007.

Just checked and the electric vacuum pump in the braking system only applies to the petrol engines (BBJ, ASN, BVJ and BSM).

Now this or may not be relevant, but might be worth checking for a perished pipe. The 3.0tdi also has a vacuum system on the EGR, but no idea how it operates. The attached image might help.

rory_pamphilon 30th May 2022 09:08 AM


I will have a look into this. Ive noticed zero issues really apart from the odd noise so not in a major hurry, its curiosity more than anything.

Will feedback if/when i know more.


mcs 31st May 2022 01:05 PM

This will likely be your air suspension compressor. It turns off when the car comes to a stop. It also pumps out a jet of air through the outlet to purge the air dryer.

As the compressor ages and itís piston ring gets worn, it will become noisier.


rory_pamphilon 4th August 2022 02:39 PM

Turns out after all it was my Crank Shaft Pulley. Apparently there is a rubber seal or vibration dampener in there somewhere? It had worn down and the pulley had slid out a bit.

It all came to a head when the power steering suddely stopped working and battery not charging indicator came on. Another 100m and the car started overheating so i stopped right away and got it towed to a garage.

Got the belt and pulley changed however the garage said the tensioner bolts looked like they might strip the thread if they tried to change and was warned it may be a big job to get them out if the thread does strip. They phoned me and let me make the call so i relectently decided to leave the tensioner as is as i didnt want to add any more onto the repair bill.

I hope i havent made a bad call, repair bill was already £1400 for pulley and belt plus rear discs & pads and one rear caliper.

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