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Mossyboy1978 14th January 2022 12:00 PM

Anyone got a hub?

I'm looking for a Near Side Front hub carrier for my S8 - Prestige don't have one at present. Anyone got one they are keen to sell?

Part number 4D0407257T (I think!)



MikkiJayne 14th January 2022 01:03 PM

Steel for 20" wheels and Brembo calipers?

How have you managed to break one of those?

Mossyboy1978 14th January 2022 07:05 PM

The carrier is absolutely fine. Used a different mechanic for some suspension work and he managed to lose the insert where the NSF lower arm bolts in at the rear. Utter nightmare. Of course he has gone AWOL now and need to replace as cannot find anyone with (or willing to sell me the insert). It's not listed with a part number as part of the hub itself so I am screwed.

Mossyboy1978 14th January 2022 07:05 PM

And yes 20" wheels and brembos

MikkiJayne 14th January 2022 08:50 PM

Ah so aluminium uprights with the steel inserts for the balljoint tapers.

Unfortunately its a common mistake where the insert comes out with the arm which then goes in the bin. Its not available as a separate part so you have to kill a good upright just to get the insert, and as you have found, those uprights are becoming extremely scarce now.

The A6 and A4 use a similar system, but I've never actually checked if the inserts are the same or compatible. I will have a look tomorrow +++

Mossyboy1978 14th January 2022 09:10 PM

Thanks so much MJ. Really appreciate it.

MikkiJayne 15th January 2022 09:30 AM

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C5 A6 inserts are the same as the D2 +++ I just knocked a set out of each type of upright and they are identical.

As for part numbers, thats a bit harder as the units I have here don't have a recognisable number, but I think you need 4B3 407 253 G and 254 G. Its hard to tell as there are dozens of variants, but C5 facelift 2001-2005 with alloy uprights and bolt-in bearings all use the same control arms so should all have the same inserts.

Prestige don't appear to have any and I can only find three on ebay which may be the right part. Obviously I have a pair here as spares for my A6, which after careful consideration I am willing to sacrifice for a D2 :) I'll pm you so we can work something out.

spannerrash 15th January 2022 07:52 PM

I replaced both my front uprights during lockdown last year with brand new ones. Whilst doing some brake work the aluminium thread came out with one of the Brembo caliper bolts. Rather than trying to repair the thread I just replaced the unit. And then decided to do the other side whilst I was at it. Just because I'm a bit ocd like that and I had lots of time on my hands.

Consequently I could see if the insert is still in the damaged one if that helps at all? Pop it in the post if I can knock it out?

Cheers Frank

Mossyboy1978 16th January 2022 06:18 PM

Thanks Frank. Sent you a PM

Conan_the_Librarian 16th January 2022 06:27 PM

This is why this forum is so good! +++

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