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Conversation Between Snaggle57 and YorkshireBloke
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  1. YorkshireBloke
    7th January 2017 03:14 PM

    We are leaving to drive about the world at 6am Sunday morning (8.1.17), we will end up in [Grimsby in the evening. Driving from London so would call to your area first.

    If I buy the towbar it will have to be tomorrow: we don't have time to drive over. I am dropping my Lady at a hotel as she is working in Grimsby for a week, coming back on the train.

    If you can call me on my mobile we can set up a meet.

  2. YorkshireBloke
    5th January 2017 07:20 PM

    Could you phone me on 0787 9441219?

    I have to go to Grimsby this weekend, could pick up towbar Sunday afternoon or just possibly 7 am Monday morning.

    My lady is working in Sunny Grimsby for 3 Mon-Fri weeks and I will drop her off then stay at her hotel Sunday night, drive to Leeds to my office job Monday morning.

    It is important that I see the towbar and avoid postage costs: money is not in abundance at our house, hence her working in Grimsby!

  3. YorkshireBloke
    3rd January 2017 09:09 PM

    Thanks for the offer, price great, need to be absolutely sure the towbar won't foul my spare wheel well as it is full of LPG tank!

    Have you any ideas on this?

  4. Snaggle57
    2nd January 2017 07:09 PM
    Hi yes I still have it, i think it's maybe classed as a fixed towbar but it can be detached via 2 bolts if that makes sense, the detachable bar on my s8 is held on with 3 ball bearings but I'd trust this a lot more to be honest.
    I'll take 50 for it if you want it so I don't have to deal with eBay
    Postcode is ln7 6hd
    Let me know if you're interested
  5. YorkshireBloke
    2nd January 2017 06:37 PM
    Hi Again,

    Just reviewed my conversation: sorry, I forgot that you had already said it was detachable!

    I have to be interested, are you free on Wednesday 4th of January? Or whenever?

    My mobile is 0787 9441219
  6. Snaggle57
    26th August 2016 06:35 PM
    Sorry mate work has been hectic I'll find it out tomorrow and get back to you. It's a detachable one (2 bolts) an I have all the fitting kit with it. It's not a genuine one but to be honest I'd have more faith in this as the one on my s8 is held in with 3 ball bearings!

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