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Conversation Between M-A8 and kevinas88
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  1. M-A8
    13th June 2014 09:26 AM
    Hi, soooooo, how do I enable DAB then, you told me you know how to do it, but you keeping quiet !?!?!?
  2. M-A8
    12th June 2014 06:13 PM
    Hi. What?? You didn't told me how to do it/activate so I haven't tried yet. 16, which module, channel?? How to do it mate??
  3. kevinas88
    12th June 2014 05:50 PM
    How did it go? I find out that DAB radio value is 16
  4. M-A8
    11th June 2014 09:03 AM
    OK, I get the point, so how to do it??
  5. kevinas88
    11th June 2014 08:08 AM
    I heard some of A8 has DAB already installed, just they are disabled, because they didn't come as standard on earlier models.. and if you wanted DAB you had to pay extra when you purchase brand new car.. So if someone didn't pay extra the media unit used to be the same, just DAB feature they used to disable. I heard Mercedes did exactly the same with bluetooth receiver for a phone.. lol
  6. M-A8
    11th June 2014 06:32 AM
    Hey, cheers for the offer, but it's not about enabling it, I simply haven't got it so you can't enable something what doesn't exist. I have the module and will just have to install it and that I know how to do. Thanks any way
  7. kevinas88
    11th June 2014 06:14 AM
    Hey up, pal. If you want to have DAB on your car, I could tell you how to do it, cause I have seen on my car, that someone enabled by VAG-COM. It takes 5 mins.

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